My name is Casey Bieker, I was not born with a camera in my hand, but I have always had a love for the outdoors and I always enjoy a solid adventure. The more time I spend outdoors finding incredible scenery and places, the more I want to share my experiences with others. Photography is a great way to begin a conversation about my personal experiences with the outdoors. The untamed wilderness can be a physical and photographic obstacle; the challenge keeps me going back time and time again. There is a story behind every print, and it is always my privilege to share it with you.

My background is one of a formally trained photographer, completing my bachelors at the Art Institute of Colorado in Denver where I was challenged both conceptually, and technically through the use of large format film, the dark room and professional digital and lighting techniques. I am honored to have been instructed and worked with many great professors and photographers that exposed me to many influential historical and contemporary artists.  The amazing detail and forced perspective of Toshio Shibata, the local Colorado Springs work and photography of urban sprawl of Colorado College’s own Robert Adams, as well as the meticulous and masterful printing of well known Ansel Adams. I was fortunate that my professors always pushed me to be better; mediocrity was honestly called out and I sincerely appreciate it. It has certainly made me a stronger photographer and from the initial capture of a photograph to the final detailed print, I make no exceptions to bring clients and customers the best fine art landscape prints.

At C. R. Bieker Photography, I work hard to maintain a high standard and produce a collection of fine art landscape photographs and prints of amazing detail and quality. If a photograph does not meet the high standards of becoming a large fine art landscape print, it never sees the light of day. C. R. Bieker Photography produces only the finest archival fine art landscape prints that will last a lifetime. Maybe an image in the Traditional Landscape gallery or Into the Night reminds you of your own great adventure! A well done print does more than take up space on the wall, it is the captivating centerpiece for your room, a conversation starter or a display that sets the mood for your clients and guests.

From the Mars-like New Mexico landscape of Bisti Wilderness, to the beautiful open prairie of the Kansas landscape, I look forward to showing you places that you may have never seen or heard of before. Welcome to C. R. Bieker Photography, and thanks for visiting!