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Fine Kansas Cycling: BAK day 3

Today was a fine day for Kansas cycling. A nice 53 or so miles mostly with the wind and at a decent speed. (MY STATS) Hard to beat. Tomorrows ride to Coldwater, we may not be so lucky. Hopefully I took it easy enough today to reap some dividends tomorrow. I did manage to catch up with the “bullet bike” (that’s just what I have been calling it) and snag a photo. I am hoping I can get some video later in the week with the gentleman piloting it and about his story, it is interesting.

I am always leery when Bike across Kansas rolls into a larger city such as Dodge City because 800+ people do not have quite the effect on a larger town as it does on a town that we are doubling the size of when we get there. Because of that, it seems that larger towns don’t really put all that much effort into provisions and or events for us. But with that said, Dodge City has been pretty good, we have trolley rides downtown from the middle school we are staying at and the facilities are top notch.

I also managed to include a couple of  bikes I was drooling over and one electric assisted one I thought was interesting, because a more expensive bike will be faster for me….right? Tomorrow we head to Coldwater with a 75 mile jaunt and it sounds like a wicked South wind, it will be the first true test for this year. The highlight, I think will be our lunch stop in Greensburg. As many will remember, Greensburg was basically wiped off the map by a tornado May 4th, 2007. It is really interesting to see how they have recovered and the stories that came out of that. I will be sure to include some information from there tomorrow provided I have a way to upload in Coldwater. Enjoy!

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