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BAK Day 2 Johnson City to Sublette Kansas

BAK 2013 Johnson City to Sublette. from Casey Bieker on Vimeo.

Day two of Bike Across Kansas after the short warmup yesterday from the Kansas/Colorado border we headed to Sublette Kansas from Johnson City.  About fifty seven miles, and although I didn’t feel all that strong, it was still fun to just be out riding.  I fear even though I had dropped some weight for the ride, that I may struggle though the week at my weight.  I am going to try and enjoy as much as I can anyway.  Here are MY STATS for the day, I think it’s always interesting to see how the day progressed from start of the ride to the end.  Tomorrow on to Dodge City and a much larger venue.  On these longer rides I am burning somewhere around 4000-5000 calories, that is more Big Macs then I want to eat so it is difficult to keep up with enough calories to sustain me for the whole day.  I definitely feel it towards the end.  If the head would stay down in the 80’s it wouldn’t be so bad but upper 90’s to 100 is not awesome.


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