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Biking across Kansas 2013 Day 4


BAK 2013 Day 4: Dodge City to Coldwater. from Casey Bieker on Vimeo.

Here are MY STATS from Biking across Kansas Day 4, the last 25 miles after the lunch stop in Greensburg felt more like I was going backwards, the wind was not my friend.  I was thinking about how much effect the wind has on a riders speed and time (since I have a lot of time to think about) and decided to look it up.  Riding into a 25 mph wind, which is about what it was today, decreases a riders speed roughly 10mph!  (According to the bike calculator)  That is certainly significant considering if I were able to ride at a little over 20mph I would have cut my ride time nearly in half.

The ever present wind really makes me jealous of these little rocket ships which were on Bike across Kansas.  I am pretty sure they passed me like I was standing still.  I had never seen anything like them, they were apparently made by Blue velo.

Bike across Kansas

Two Blue velo bikes sit side by side at Bike across Kansas 2013.



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