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CS Local: Cheyenne Canyon road.

I travel to quite a few places in the region but live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Colorado Springs can be a fairly touristy place in the summer and I often get asked about things people can do and places to go in the area, so I thought that I would create some posts and information about just that.  There are other places on the web with information but it always seems sporadic and many times doesn’t include many of the places I would like to tell people about.  I love this area and there is a lot to offer, so for the next few posts I am happy to bring you to some of the areas that I like to unwind close to home.  I am calling it Colorado Springs Local.  Enjoy!


Cheyenne Canyon road.

Cheyenne Canyon road (or more specifically North Cheyenne canyon road) is getaway canyon for many locals just outside of Colorado Springs proper, southwest of the city.  It is one of Colorado Springs’ oldest parks, purchased in the late 1800’s and ties into Gold Camp road which I will cover later.  For a more extensive history:  Cheyenne Canyon history.  The park itself contains many great hikes, is a great mountain bike destination and contains two scenic waterfalls.  I might cover some of the Cheyenne Canyon hikes more in a future post but for now I just want to give you a taste of Cheyenne Canyon road.  The video doesn’t really do it justice but it is a beautiful drive and a very challenging ride if you are a road cyclist as it averages around a 10% grade.  It is a great way for locals to cool off with the shade, North Cheyenne creek running along the road and going up in elevation.

Cheyenne Canyon is just a short drive away from downtown Colorado Springs.


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