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CS Local: Gold Camp Road.

Continuing with Colorado Springs local fun, North Cheyenne Canyon Road will take you up into the beautiful Cheyenne Canyon while Gold Camp Road can bring you down.  Gold Camp Road is a gorgeous dirt road cruise (sometimes a bumpy one) that has a long history.  It began as a railroad called “The Short Line” that ran from Cripple Creek to Colorado Springs bringing mined ore to be processed.  For a more extensive Gold Camp history.

The stretch of Gold Camp Road that runs through Cheyenne Canyon begins going down from the dirt parking lot at the top of North Cheyenne Canyon Road.  From the parking lot there is the option of walking up the gated part of Gold Camp Road to the north that takes you to a few different hikes including Seven Bridges and the trail to St. Mary’s Falls.  Also from the parking lot, you have two options heading east, one is called High Drive (which is currently closed due to excess rain and washout) and the other on the right is Gold Camp.  Both roads essentially meet at the same place toward the bottom, they just go around two different sides of a mountain named Mays Peak.  Gold Camp Road is two way traffic but doesn’t always have two way width so take your time and be aware of potential oncoming traffic in narrow areas and tight curves.  Also be sure to enjoy the two former train tunnels which some say are haunted, although the only scary things I have seen in them are deep potholes.  Interestingly there is a third tunnel up higher on the road but it has since collapsed and can only be reached with some hiking.


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