Aerial imagery

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C. R. Bieker Photography is your source for aerial photography and videography. Small unmanned aerial systems or drones have become indispensable for Real Estate photography but they have so many more uses: wind turbine visual inspections, construction jobsite progress, tower inspection, storm damage assessment, golf course flyovers, roof inspections and many more. Casey is an FAA certified unmanned aerial systems pilot and has put in the hours to provide you with silky smooth detailed footage of your next aerial imaging job.


C. R. Bieker Photography aerial imagery. from Casey Bieker on Vimeo.


Real Estate

Aerial photography and videography within Real Estate has become the gold standard for giving a new and dramatic perspective to the online home buying experience. Whether your listing needs a beautiful high angle vantage point to place a home within a neighborhood or you desire a gorgeous sweeping panoramic of large acreage, C. R. Bieker Photography can provide you with gripping high resolution images that buyers can’t pass by.


Wind turbine visual inspections

Typical wind turbine inspections involve an entire crew with rigging setup and teardown time. Use C. R. Bieker Photography aerial services for your visual inspections and not only save a lot of time and money but have a detailed video record for future use. Less downtime for your wind farm and far less setup and teardown time which means more time actually doing the job we came to do.


Construction site progress

Get an accurate overall look at your construction site’s progress over time or let us capture aerial images of your jobsite before and after construction to impress investors and future customers! A birds eye view of your jobsite is a great way to show where things stand and to record accomplishments so your employees can look back and say “I built that”.


Visual tower inspections

Use aerial imaging to check for storm damage on your towers up to 1400ft and see if everything looks 100% with an live eye in the sky!


Storm damage assessment

Stay out of harms way on the ground by getting a live visual in the air and have a high resolution scout capture a detailed record of the damage at hand. Perfect for difficult to access terrain to gain safe and up to date information in the air within minutes of being onsite.


 Golf course flyovers

You may have seen them on T.V. watching the Masters at Augusta, beautiful smooth sweeping aerial shots of each individual hole showing details from tee to green just before the leaders play the hole. Now you can also have these amazing hole by hole aerials of your golf course. An incredibly classy way to show your prospective patrons the layout and features of each hole in high definition or even 4K!

Golf course flyovers from Casey Bieker on Vimeo.


Roof Inspections

Tired of carting several ladders around and using endless and potentially dangerous rigging to inspect a simple high angle commercial or residential roof? Let C. R. Bieker Photography’s experienced pilot give you a close up live and recorded view of every detail you want to see. Get more done safely and with less hassle with C. R. Bieker’s aerial imaging.