Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography – Fine Art Prints

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.” –Frank Gehry

C.R. Bieker Photography’s commercial photography gallery brings to life architectural, real estate and product photography with technical and artistic skill. No two subjects are the same, and they must be lit in a way that complements the product, as well as what best fits a clients needs. Whether it is architectural, real estate or product photography, in the studio or on location, C.R. Bieker Photography has the lighting skill and ability to bring exceptional imagery to your consumer.

Casey’s classical training and unique perspective captures the highest quality commercial photography and fine art prints for your brand or client. Using his experience in imagery and design, Casey excels in attaining compelling photographs of any subject, from small products in a studio environment to architecture, real estate and shots on location.

Within C. R. Bieker Photography’s commercial photography gallery, Casey demonstrates conceptual skill and technical strength with a creative composition complementing the final images. Casey excels in long-exposure photography including time-lapse and high-definition video. Whether you require a unique setup in the middle of nowhere or incredibly detailed shots of a beautiful home, C. R. Bieker Photography has a commercial solution for you.

We invite you to review our Commercial  photography gallery and the wide range of shots presented throughout. It may be difficult to tell what was shot in the studio and what was on location, some images are meant to look as though they are outside when in fact they were in a more controlled studio-lighting environment. This may often be a less expensive solution for a small product scene or concept. Whatever your commercial photography needs may be, contact C. R. Bieker Photography, and we will work hard to produce a final product that will not disappoint. Thank you for visiting!