Into the Night

Night Landscape Photography

Into the Night is a dramatic and unique collection of night landscape photography or “Nightscapes.” Casey travels the region to bring some of the most surreal locations to produce incredible fine art prints. From the striking star trails racing across the night sky in Natural Bridges National Monument in southern Utah, dreamy wind swept clouds over the fourteen thousand foot peak of Mt. Sherman, Colorado or artistic light painting of the keyhole at Monument Rocks, Kansas. Casey endures weather and time to bring back images in a way that few others can.

The Night Landscape photography of Into the Night is Casey’s patient and passionate exploration of time, wind and light, where earth and sky meet in creative interstellar wonder. With technical strength and intense pre-visualization, Casey applies an organic and individual concept that seamlessly compliments each rare and solitary scene. Large format file or digital, there is no medium or technique in the field he won’t use to best reveal every detail of the night landscape.

With intrigue and elegance, Into the Night transports mysterious landscapes transformed by the blank canvas of night. If you have visited iconic locations, such as Double Arch of Arches National Park in the day, then you have never seen it like this! A harsh noonday sun is traded for the rich black night and hours of exposure to send star trails streaking through the night sky behind a dramatically light-painted Double Arch. For all of the detail and warmth a traditional morning and evening image can bring, there is little comparison to the contrast and extreme juxtaposition of light and dark that night landscape photography inherently brings to a print. In a world of small brightly lit digital images, few things are a stronger centerpiece of a room than a large well-crafted fine art landscape print. They are simply breathtaking! C. R. Bieker Photography takes great pride in bringing you the finest photography from the field to the highest quality professional archival prints that will last a lifetime. It is with great pleasure that C. R. Bieker Photography presents the Into the Night gallery.